Copyrighted Materials

Copyrighted materials on the Hindsfoot Foundation website may be copied and reproduced with certain restrictions:

(1) Anyone who wishes may print out a copy for his or her own personal use.

(2) A copy may be placed on someone else's website if the following COPYRIGHT ADVISORY is included:

© Copyright [year] by [author's name].   From the Hindsfoot Foundation website at   This material may be copied and reproduced by others subject to the restrictions given at
(3) Multiple copies may be printed and distributed subject to the following restrictions, if no more than a few hundred copies are being printed. If more copies are going to be printed, please check with the Hindsfoot Foundation and obtain permission first.

(a) Each copy must have on it somewhere the COPYRIGHT ADVISORY given in number two above.

(b) If people are charged for the copies, they should be charged only the actual cost of copying, printing, and shipping.
This last provision does not apply to a not-for-profit organization linked to the twelve step program (such an an A.A. intergroup, Alano club, Al-Anon district, N.A. group, or similar organization), which may charge a little more than the actual costs if copies are being sold as a fund-raising effort to help support that organization.

Otherwise, individuals or commercial establishments which reproduce materials from the Hindsfoot Foundation website and sell them at a profit will be regarded as violating the copyright restrictions.
(4) Also please be fair to the author!  It is a copyright violation to change the author's words or to take selections from the document out of context so that a misleading impression is given of what the author was actually saying.